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Over MTGreen Consultancy and Astrology

MTGreen is devoted to helping people improve their lifestyle and health through tailored made astrological readings and coaching. These readings include birth chart analyses, relationship horoscopes, yearly astrological forecast, child potentional horoscope, business horoscope and more. In addition we offer nutritional and wellness guidance, that coupled with astrology  will give you better understanding on your background, personality and offers you a way on how to use unfolding patterns to your own advantage. These tools enable us to recognize and follow the rhythm of our own bodies, leading us to an ultimate health and aligning us with our true nature.  Our natal chart is a blue-print, a unique cosmological make-up in the moment of our birth. It is an immense source of our greatest treasure - information on how to truly live and achieve our life purpose and how to establish the compassionate and spiritual connection we all seek. It will be our starting point to further explore the life transitions you want to make, understand your personal goals, challenges and self-care strategies to bring you closer to a healthier life. This will inevitably result in more clarity, confidence and persistence you need to make long-lasting lifestyle changes.


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